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Rod Svee, Superintendent
Cara Reichert, Executive Secretary
Sue Belish, Curriculum Director/Special Education Director
Susan Lanka, Curriculum Administrative Assistant
Linda Meyer, Business Manager
Barb Rauchbauer, Purchasing/Food Service Director
Callie Fall, Accounts Payable

Big Horn Elementary
Brent Caldwell, Principal
PO Box 490
Big Horn, WY 82833
Phone (307) 672-3497
Fax (307) 672-5396

Tongue River Elementary School
and Slack School
Jolene Adams, Principal
PO Box 849
Ranchester, WY 82839
Phone (307) 655-2206
Fax (307) 655-2447

Tongue River Middle School
Terry Myers, Principal
PO Box 879
Ranchester, WY 82839
Phone (307)655-9533
Fax (307) 655-9894

Tongue River High School
Don White, Principal
PO Box 408
Dayton, WY 82836
Phone (307) 655-2236
Fax (307) 655-9798

Big Horn Middle/High School
Wayne Roadifer, Principal
PO Box 490
Big Horn, WY 82833
Phone (307) 674-8190
Fax (307) 672-5306



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