The District’s mission statement “Success For All Through Learning”, coupled with District Student Outcomes (Life-long Learners, Communicators, Complex Thinkers, Good Workers, Social Interactors, and Positive People), and student achievement data guide the design of these District goals. All buildings and departments will set goals and develop Improvement Plans that fit within the framework of these goals.

1. Review facility needs
Develop strategic facilities planning for all district facilities
Refine district and school emergency procedures
2. Develop District plan for allocation of resources
Review budget process
Review staffing procedures
Review new program or project proposal process
3. Incorporate technology into the instructional program
Provide training opportunities for staff to integrate technology into the instructional program
Increase the use of technology to foster creativity, communicate with others, employ higher level thinking skills, and facilitate self-directed, active learning
4. Meet the needs of At-Risk individuals by establishing prevention and intervention programs, providing alternative opportunities, and training staff
Reduce substance use by students
Provide support for students transitioning from other district, from grade to grade, from school to school
Refine guidance and counseling services to provide for supportive relationships
Increase positive social interactions – between students, students and staff, students and community, staff and community
5. Support the achievement of Wyoming State Content Standards for all students
Improve student reading abilities with special emphasis on comprehension and technical reading
Improve student writing abilities with special emphasis on writing for different purposes and for a variety of audiences while using correct conventions
Improve student mathematics abilities with special emphasis on computation and applying mathematics in problem solving situations
Align classroom instruction based on best practices and research

Adopted: 9/17/02